Ben Plewes

Ben Plewes  |  Apr 15, 2011  |  0 comments
In this video series, Peter Dunsmore takes you through the simple steps in creating stunning veneered surfaces and basic inlay.
Ben Plewes  |  Mar 28, 2011  |  0 comments
In this first instalment Peter Dunsmore demonstrates a special jig for cutting mitre keys before proceeding to build it from offcuts found around the workshop.
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In this episode Peter demonstates his particular method of cutting mitres for the corner joints of the box.
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In this video series Ron Fox walks you through some basic jigs for use with the router that can drastically increase your productivity. Ron Starts by outlining the use of each jig before showing you how to make them.
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Following on from the first part of this new series Ron uses a set of 'shop made straightedges to make accurate cuts during the construction of a hinge jig.
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In this video series, Good Woodworking's Andy King explains the benefits of a good workshop layout while making a mortice and tenoned frame and panel.
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Andy starts this second instalment with an explanation of softwood timber grades before proceeding to outline the frame and panel project that will be completed during this series.
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The next stage is to convert the timber at the table saw in readiness for the planer thicknesser and spindle moulder.
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This video focusses on using a planer thicknesser to square up and dimension timber.
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After thicknessing his stock, Andy turns to the spindle moulder to create the grooves and rebates.