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Good Woodworking  |  Apr 30, 2009  |  0 comments
If you can't find Good Woodworking in your local newsagent, you can order a copy direct from 0844 848 88 22  Some styles never go out of fashion. Take Shaker; more than two hundred years after Mother Ann Lee led the 'Shaking Quakers' over the Atlantic in search of a religious/political vacuum, the honest beauty of the movement's furniture is still inspiring designers and makers.  Of course, the Shakers were far more…

Good Woodworking  |  Oct 22, 2008  |  0 comments

We’re on the cliffs above Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight. Behind us, to the north, the skies are bruised and heavy with the threat of approaching rain. But before us, the glass top of a table — part-silvered by the autumn sun — reflects the passage of billowing clouds as they catch the wind in their huge sails and trail their shadows southwards over the mirrored sea, over the horizon, and over the edge of the glass.…

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In the UK, Startrite’s bandsaws have long been seen as something of a benchmark: the old UK-built models seem to go on forever, and are still to be found in workshops up and down the country. Startrite’s bandsaws are now made in Italy, but they enjoy the same build quality, and the 401E is absolutely rock solid.

At 390mm, the Startrite’s throat capacity is the smallest on test, but its depth of cut is a huge 400mm, which is a…

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