Bahco's innovative new handsaw system

Bahco has launched its next generation ERGO Handsaw System.

Designed for professionals, serious craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts, the ERGO
Handsaw System employs a revolutionary handle design, which enables users to
interchange 10 different blades in a matter of seconds.

Marian Wells, Managing Director of the Bahco brand in Europe, says: "This is the
final word in hand saw technology. Not only does it look and feel exceptional,
the Bahco Handsaw System will take care of you and your work like no other hand

Joining Bahco's impressive stable of ERGO hand tools, the Handsaw System offers
users unrivalled flexibility as well as being the ultimate companion for speed,
comfort and performance. And just like the other ERGO branded products, the next
generation handle and switchblade system is conceived with the user's wellbeing
in mind.

Featuring an asymmetrical handle in two sizes, the hand saw eliminates pressure
points and prevents hand slipping. This, coupled with a Thermoplastic Elastomer
handle grip for optimum friction and a warm feel, makes the EGRO Handsaw System
fit like a glove. The angle and position of the handle in relation to the blade
also reduces sawing forces and increases efficiency.

Marian Wells continues: "The ERGO Handsaw System feels like an extension of your
arm movement which is a true hallmark of ergonomic design.

"Tradesmen will love the time saving nature of the switchblade system that can
really come into its own during busy or complex projects. The convenience and
weight saving benefits of not having to carry around multiple saws is also a big

To complement the revolutionary handle and single-click locking mechanism, the
Handsaw System is interchangeable with 10 different Bahco Superior-branded
blades featuring XT toothing with low friction coating.

Available in a range of lengths from 350mm to 600mm, the Superior quality blades
are ideal for all common materials and applications. Together, or as a complete
set, they provide easy storage, easy handling, and are easy to replace.