Four routes into a career in fine woodwork

Four routes into a career in fine woodwork

John McMahon of the John McMahon School of Fine Woodwork shares his advice on turning professional.



I blame The Great British Bake Off; a large portion of the UK has now become addicted to making things that we were quite happy to buy a couple of years ago. This sorry state of affairs has spilled over from food to clothes to pottery and even furniture.

For most addicts, this leads to weekends and evenings locked in the shed or poring over tool catalogues until 3am, resulting in sleep deprivation and relationship breakdown, but at least they don’t give up the day job.

In the worst cases, there is just no going back and the only answer is to do the woodworking equivalent of running away to join the circus. I am not advocating this rash course of action of course, being a responsible adult, but I do know what it’s like to change direction in life and work. I certainly would have appreciated some advice at times, so if you’re contemplating a move to professional woodworking, I do empathise and hope this helps.

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