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Attending this fantastic weekend event, Phil Davy relishes the opportunity to get back into gear and celebrate green woodworking in its various forms
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Machine Mart's wide range of free-standing worklights and floodlights will help keep you in action over the winter month
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The shortlist has now been announced for the Wood Awards 2022, revealing a stunning, innovative array of British architecture and product design using wood, all now in the running to receive the highest architecture and design accolade of the UK timber industry

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With an emphasis on bespoke furniture & cabinetmaking, this week's #woodworkerfriday5 features unusual timbers, modern techniques, mixed media and adaptations on existing designs

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Peter Dunsmore’s elegant carriage clock is simple to make, using little timber and a few router cutters
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Windsor chairmaker James Mursell explains why the spokeshave is his favourite workshop tool
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This week's #woodworkerfriday5 celebrates the exquisite work of young furniture makers, as well as various striking turned and carved forms

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A universal template for Shaper Origin and simple design software will both further streamline 'shop workflows
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For a limited time only, use the 'welcome 30' code for an additional 30% discount when buying from MPOWER’s UK website:

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As well as featuring two fantastic competitions from ISOtunes and SanderCard, our September issue aims to debunk workshop secrets, make you a better woodworker, as well as entertaining and inspiring you along the way – enjoy!