Martin Aplins American Hall Table

For all you keen woodworkers who enjoyed Martin Aplins American Hall Table project (homage to Frank Lloyd Wright) here are the promised cutting list and scale plans so that you can have a go at making one too.

Remember if you do make one, please do get back in touch with us here at and Good Woodworking with images of your competed table and any anecdotes on the build.
Download the plans here (Right click and then 'save as') 

Have fun.
All material American cherry


All dimensions in millimetres.  Lengths of rails allows for joints.  The collar rail is cut as required


Table top 900 x 330 x 20 1 off
Shelf 380 x 295 x 20 1 off
Legs 32 x 32 x 740 4 off
Front & back rails 30 x 20 x 676 6 off
Side rails 30 x 20 x 256 6 off
Infill rails, front and back 18 x 10 x 350 4 off
Infill rails, side 18 x 10 x 180 4 off
Collar 10 x 10 x 60 1 off
Buttons 12 x 12 x 30 12 off