The new way to remove rust organically

Once I saw the size of the bottle and read the instructions I couldn't help thinking that this new organic rust remover wouldn't be successful from the 250ml of Restore mixed with 4.75lts of water ..yes, that's right, water, a 19 to 1 ratio would remove all of the rust from my 30 year old tools.
Well, here's how it went. Firstly the safety gear. Rubber gloves face shield/goggles and all the windows open for ventilation just like you would do for the acid based and other formulas. One 250ml bottle of Restore, two buckets, one full of clean water to wash off the Restore and the other with 4.75Lts of water (still hard to believe!), old tooth brush and a few old newspapers to store the rinsed tools.
Mixing the Restore with the 4.75Lts of water, I placed a few items in the bucket to soak and waited. After 1 1/2 hours I took a peak and couldn't believe my eyes, the rust had 98% gone from the tools so I gave them a good brushing with the old tooth brush and that took the rest off.
old planes

bucket of rusty tools

restore diluted in water
Once washed/rinsed thoroughly in the clean water I placed them on an old paper to dry off. Still in amazement that over 30 years of rust had gone using not much more than water! I then followed the next instructions to wet it again with the Restore mix. This was to let the Restore passivate the newly cleaned surface which prevents the rust from re-occurring for a few months. This will give you enough time to re-paint the tool or what ever else you need to do before applying a coat of a rust prevention product, like MetalGuard Ultra or, what I used Camellia oil, for continuing protection.
drying tools
Once dried, I then buffed them up with a cloth and gave them a good coating of Camellia oil. This made the tools look like new with only the pit holes showing. If I used the acid based lotions, some of the metal would have been eaten away too. This formula only takes the rust away – the name Restore is certainly true to the word.
tool parts

plane soles

various tools

various tools
The instructions say to keep the mixed up solution because it will still work for at least another 4 or 5 uses, even if this is months after your first wash. And it can be poured straight down the drain when it no longer works because of its organic nature.To say I'm impressed is understated and at a cost which works out to be only £2.48/litre, the whole shed/workshop can look like new in no time. I can now look forward to at least another 30 years use of my shiny tools!
stanley planes


various old tools

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