Andy King

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Andy King demonstrates how to get the best from a lapping plate when flattening hand tools.
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In this first instalment Andy King demonstrates his saw-chops; a simple shop-made jig that secures handsaws during sharpening.
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You saw the saw-chops in part one of Andy King's saw sharpening video series. Now, in this next instalment, you can see them in action as Andy demonstrates his method of sharpening traditional hand saws.
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In this instalment Andy demonstrates how to use a pair of setting pliers to achieve the correct set for your saw.
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Many woodworkers use hardpoint handsaws for cutting sheet material and roughing sawn timber to size, then use more traditional back saws, of the tenon and dovetail variety, for finer jointing work. In this episode Andy walks you through the process of sharpening traditional back saws – a necessary job for any dedicated woodworker.
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A quick note on using files for saw sharpening.
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Andy shows you his tried and tested method of sharpening a razor sharp edge onto chisels and plane irons with just basic equipment.
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Just to prove you can do it, Andy blunts a chisel then gives it a razor sharp edge in a matter of seconds using just one stone, a piece of leather and some honing soap.
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Click here for Part 2   There’s a resurgence of very high quality dovetail saws on the market these days. Makers like Gramercy, Wenzloff and Lie Nielsen, Adria and Roberts and Lee have brought traditional saws back into vogue, having seemingly been ousted for good by hardpoint saws. Each of these brands of saw differs in style and comfort, though all have a rip filed tooth pattern as they predominantly cut end-grain.  …

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The saw is more or less already prepared for a particular task by now, the shape established at the dressing stage with, say, a more aggressive hook for rip sawing. However, there are still various sharpening options available to adapt the saw even further.   To start with, if it’s a crosscut filed tooth I usually make a very light jointing first with the flat file to…