Dave Mackenzie

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          Strawberries are the most popular soft fruit grown at home. They can be grown in open ground among the vegetable plot or in containers standing on the patio or even the edge of the lawn. If you plant them during summer this year you will be enjoying your own home-grown fresh fruit in June or July next year. So why not get a head start and build this dedicated strawberry planter during spring.…

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There is evidence that when Viking children played they simply used logs found in the forest

Kubb, which comes from the Nordic 'Kubspell' which means block throwing game, originated about 1000 years ago in Scandinavia and is an outdoor party game that is played by two teams that can be a single person or up to six each side. Think of it as a sort of Viking skittles that can be played on any flat surface, grass, gravel or even…