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    From the issue February 2010 issue of The Woodworker Magazine - Make an Oak Bed   SUBSCRIBERS - click here to download your FREE pdf of the entire article.    

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This technique is a simple method for joining two pieces of timber. Although this joint has many applications, it’s particularly useful for a bearer on the inside of a cabinet to secure a solid wood top in place. In this case, screws would fit into slots cut in the bearer to secure the top down. The slots allow the top to expand with the varying humidity in addition to preventing it from cupping or bowing. It’s most useful,…

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This clock isn't a copy of a particular timepiece, but simply reflects a style that belongs to the early eighteenth century. It incorporates a bell-top moulding as well as pierced fretwork to let the sound out, and features attractive side lights that show off the workings of the movement. The mahogany case is further decorated with curl veneer, which produces some very attractive grain patterns and markings. Getting started Most of…