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Stockport, Cheshire March 03 2008 – Amateur and professional guitar makers (luthiers) need access to special timbers and products which hitherto meant either importing them from the USA or travelling the breadth of the country to find what they need. Tonetech Ltd has launched an online store supplying the specialist timber, paint and other general luthier supplies.

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The Joint-Genie system makes jointing easy, quick and above all accurate. It is the simplicity of this tool that is the root of its success. Joint-Genie almost completely removes the need for lengthy marking out yet will produce accurate joints over and over again. Made from hardened steel with stainless steel fittings all Joint-Genie products carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Following the success and wide general acclaim of…

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In response to the recent trend for very dark wooden flooring, Osmo UK have developed a high quality, solid wood flooring range that also follows the principles of sustainable forestry. Thermo-Wood plankwood flooring is an environmentally friendly alternative to rare, tropical wood. The thermo treatment is an innovative technological process that involves heating domestic timbers 200 degrees centigrade, which naturally darkens the wood without…

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The Leigh Super Jig turns out perfectly consistent joints every time, with the added bonus of differing pin and tail patterns, and a very easy set-up procedure once you understand the principle. And this is where the Leigh has the upper hand on its main rival the Woodrat, as well as most other dovetailing jigs on the market.

The new Leigh Super Jig is one of three different sizes available, with 12, 18 and 24in capacities allowing you to buy…

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1. To turn the ball you will need a piece of timber the size of the required ball plus 2mm X diameter plus 20 – 30mm. (picture 76) & a template to the required radius of the ball

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See David Oldfield's work here  

In Wiltshire, not far from Trowbridgeshireton, beside a water meadow in the curtilage of a farm that’s home to a small community of craftspeople, you’ll find David Oldfield. Or rather, you probably won’t: there’s no sign on the door, no giveaway stacks of timber. “No-one knows I’m here,” he says with the dolorous satisfaction of the successful recluse.…

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“Lotte, a gentleman’s dressing chest, was one of three pieces built for a wealthy financier – is there any other sort? – at the behest of his wife, who organised his life. For this piece, all she told me was, ‘Steven is quite conservative’ – that was the brief! So I took command because you have to in a situation like that.

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To whittle not Wii!

Israeli-born luthier Boaz Elkayam was once asked by Victorinox to build a guitar using only a Swiss army knife. It was a publicity stunt, of course, but when you consider that traditional Mexican luthiers build guitars using few tools other than the long, curved carving knife that they call a cuchillo, it doesn’t seem like such a tall order.

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Here's the latest in child safe finishes from Liberon

With child safety always at the forefront of parents minds, ensure your home is child proof with the range of Liberon products which are EN -71 Part 3 Approved. EN – 71 Part 3 Approved is an assurance that any product with this accreditation is safe for use on items which children come into contact with such as toys, furniture and flooring, ensuring children are safe at…

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BriMarc have been appointed the exclusive importers of Magswitch Featherboards, MagJigs & MagSquares, the ‘Turn off and on powerful permanent magnets’!

(We've just got some samples in to test, initial impressions are very good, full test coming soon in The Woodworker - Ed)