Large vase on a small lathe

Large vase on a small lathe

Owning a small lathe doesn’t have to limit the size of project you turn. Here, Les Thorne offers a clever solution that will allow you to make a large vase in two parts.

A lot of you have a workshop at home and I would say that most of you will think it’s far too small for your woodworking and woodturning needs. This limits the size of machines that many turners can own, and as a result, we have seen a number of mid-size lathes being introduced in the last few years.

A small lathe with a big heart is a fantastic addition to your workshop whether it’s your main lathe or to complement a full-size machine. The problem with having a smaller machine is that it seems to be human nature to want to push it to the limit by making something that’s too heavy or too big for the lathe to handle. With a little thought,however, you can make some bigger signature pieces by just thinking about the process, and the vase I’m making here is a perfect example of this.



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