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A big thank you to everyone who attended the 28th North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show – otherwise known as the 'Harrogate' show - from 11–13 November 2022
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Our last issue of 2022 rounds off the year perfectly with a wonderful novelty money box build, which would make the perfect Christmas gift, not to mention a whole host of other content to entertain you through the festive period and beyond
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Starting with a brief history of the carving knife, Iain Whittington goes on to demonstrate the practical use of various knives for a ‘flat plane’ carving depicting a troll perched atop a fence post
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Are you interested in helping to build a British aviation icon? Aero Vintage Limited is on the lookout for capable woodworkers

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The DIY Challenge is now open to registrants, with participants receiving weekly emails detailing how to construct three projects of various difficulty with the aid of how-to video tutorials. These DIY projects will make great Christmas presents on a shoestring budget

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The new Machine Mart Autumn-Winter catalogue is now available and packed full of all the tools and equipment you need. Whether a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast or professional, you're bound to find something of interest
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Fantastic examples of marquetry and inlay, a wonderful selection of exotic and native timber species, all used here to great effect in this week's #woodworkerfriday5

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Jeremy Broun reports from the recently held prize-giving ceremony at Axminster Tools’ Nuneaton store, where judges and winners interacted, pieces were analysed in greater detail, and the power of social media was truly realised

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Michael Allsop presents an alternative approach to a typical mantelpiece clock project, using only hand tools
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Featuring two-award winning pieces – Anna Dugard's 'Nahas' console table, which has been awarded Bespoke Guild Mark No.480, and Clare Ng's ‘Gemini’ drinks cabinet – recipient of the Young Furniture Makers Bespoke Award – this week's #woodworkerfriday5 is certainly show-stopping