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Axminster Tools began life 50 years ago in the rural market town of Axminster in East Devon. In an age before computers, when virtually all jobs were done manually, two sons joined their father and together they opened a high street shop

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Our last #woodworkerfriday5 of July features various pieces that push the boundaries of what's possible as well as setting new standards
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Currently being undertaken by a team of maritime experts and volunteers, John Greeves talks to Master Shipwright Tim Kirk about building a full-size replica of the Sutton Hoo burial ship
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Makita has launched a new 40VMax XGT Brushless Pin Nailer (PT001G) and added a new kit option for its recently introduced 40VMax XGT 82mm Planer (KP001GD201)
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Showcasing some fantastic examples of new furniture-making talent along with the usual mix of projects, tech, features and tests, our August issue also gives you the chance to win a top routing prize from sauter – worth over £750

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Surface techniques feature strongly in this week's #woodworkerfriday5 selection, including texturing, painting and veneering, among many others
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Having lost faith in router tables, could the sauter lift and Suhner motor combination be the perfect and complete UK solution John Lloyd has been searching for?
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The impact of Storm Arwen and the forest regeneration process it accelerated is depicted in Earth Photo 2022's winning image, within the 'Changing Forests' category
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Sustainability, minimising waste and choosing techniques that complement and highlight wood's natural beauty – these are the themes of this week's #woodworkerfriday5 selection – enjoy!

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Last month, leading furniture design school, The Chippendale International School of Furniture, saw record-breaking sales at its 37th annual Graduate Exhibition.