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In this week's #woodworkerfriday5, exquisite examples of cabinetmaking meet various turned, carved and sculpted pieces

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Following a three-year hiatus, the event returns for 2022, from 11–13 November, at the Great Yorkshire Showground
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Opening 29 September 202, Japan House London presents an exhibition exploring the art of master woodworking from Japan’s well-known woodworking region
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Featuring a multitude of international talent, join us as we celebrate the exquisite work of The Chippendale International School of Furniture’s 2022 Professional Course graduates

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From hand-carved, sculpted contemporary pieces to a design classic from the 1940s, this week's #woodworkerfriday5 is a celebration of the bespoke, not to mention the beauty of wood itself

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Brian Barber shares details of the techniques used to construct a 1:12 scale Georgian dolls’ house, which he built for his granddaughter
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After the success of Craft Festival Cheltenham in March, the event returns for a special Christmas edition over the weekend of 26-27 November. Over 100 of the finest designer-makers and artists from across the UK will exhibit at Cheltenham Town Hall for a celebration of making, creativity and Christmas shopping
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As part of Artwave 2022, robinson house studio furniture school will open its doors from 10–11 September, giving visitors the chance to listen to various talks from staff as well as seeing the furniture school's new premises 

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Having asked readers to share their woodworking projects and showcase a range of workshop skills, we finally announce the deserving winner of the recent Liberon competition, as well as featuring various other selected entries

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Featuring two table designs – dining and console – a stunning lounge chair and two sculptural examples, this week's #woodworkerfriday5 is brimming with skill, technique and craftsmanship