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FITFINDER takes top prize in Hand Tool-Gauges category of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards
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Mechanical devices made from wood are always impressive, and few more so than a working, accurate timepiece, as shown here by Christopher Blasius
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This week's #woodworkerfriday5 features a fine selection of bespoke, custom-made pieces, showcasing such techniques as Kumiko, hand-carving in addition to a unique miniature lamination process

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Machine Mart has added a new table saw to their product range – the Clarke CCS12B 12in (315mm) contractor sliding table saw with sliding carriage
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Ever the fan of saving offcuts, Glenn Perry makes a functional foot stool for his mother’s 80th birthday using pieces of leftover sapele
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From bespoke cabinetmaking to a stunning hand-carved barn owl sculpture, this week's #woodworkerfriday5 aims to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of what can be made using this wonderful natural resource
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We bring you the perfect recipe for autumn woodworking: workshop projects, technical know-how, interesting features and tests on the latest kit & tools
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Makita has launched its largest capacity battery to date with an impressive 288W hours of energy. The 8.0Ah BL4080F offers the longest runtime for its XGT products, meaning less downtime and improved productivity

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This year marks the 100th birthday of Dickies and to continue celebrations, the second instalment of the Made in Dickies campaign, honouring the everyday people who've helped make the brand what it is today, is now live

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Demonstrating an excellent understanding and affinity with the natural material, this week's #woodworkerfriday5 selection showcase exceptional craftsmanship, skill and imagination